The future of on-site staffing. The future of your company.

Elite Workforce Management is the next generation of on-site staffing. With exclusive rights to our recruiting services, you are guaranteed placement of the very best employees.

Feel like there aren’t enough good employees to go around? (You’re right.)

Outsourcing of non-core employee functions has grown tremendously in recent years. It’s a staffing model that saves employers time and money, but it also means the competition can be fierce. When every company is looking for the very best employees available, how do you spread limited talent across multiple businesses in the exact same market? With our “reverse exclusivity” program, we decided to completely change our business model.

Partners that come first. Partnerships that last.

Our market exclusivity guarantee means we don’t work with anyone else within a 40-mile radius. Traditional staffing companies force multiple customers to compete for employees from within an applicant pool. But our exclusivity guarantee means you get the entire pool to yourself. By working with one partner, instead of multiple customers, we can focus on building that relationship and providing only top applicants.

The rest vs. the best.

Working with multiple clients, other staffing providers are forced to place up to 75% of their applicant workforce.

We often place as a little as 25% of our applicants, meaning you get only the best employees.

The future is now.

Reverse market exclusivity is just the start. Our intense applicant vetting process, retention plans, dashboard management tools and custom recruiting campaigns all combine to ensure your success.

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